What are the components of these mattresses made of?

  • Perfect Cloud products are made with materials from Huntsman (USA) and BASF (Germany)

Can these mattresses be used on an adjustable base?

  • Yes, our mattresses are made of memory foam and will flex and move with an adjustable base. 

Do the mattresses need to be flipped like other mattresses do?

  • No, these mattresses do not need to be flipped.

What is the material of the mattress covers? Are they cotton or polyester?

  • The covers are 100% polyester

Do the mattresses allow for different support needs on each side?

  • Our mattresses are great for all sizes. Due to the memory foam, or in the case of the Hybrid pocket-coil, construction you won't feel the other person moving during the night. They also conform to your unique body style to help you have a great night's sleep. Memory foam, by nature, reduces pain on your pressure points as it molds to your body. 

Will these mattresses get hot in the night?

  • All Perfect Cloud mattresses are designed with technologies that improve cooling. For extremely hot sleepers we have the Atlas mattress which offers two separate gel-infused layers with an aerated base to maximize airflow and keep the bed cooler. 

Does the bottom of the mattress have grippy material so it doesn't slide on a slick bed frame?

  • Yes, every Perfect Cloud mattress has beaded nodes all over the bottom that make them anti-slip.

How long after opening can you use the bed?

  • You can use the bed immediately, but it will take up to 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand. 

Is the mattress firm enough for back comfort?

  • Perfect Cloud offers a variety of mattresses to meet different sleeper's needs. Be sure to check out our comparison chart to find a mattress that has the right firmness for how you sleep. 

I'm going to be moving soon, can I leave the mattress in the packaging for a month or so?

  • Yes, leaving a new mattress compressed in the packaging for a month is fine. 

Does the mattress need a box spring?

  •  No, the mattress just needs platform bed frame or anything with slats no more than 5" apart. 

How is the mattress shipped?

  • The mattresses are vacuum sealed, rolled up, and shipped in a box. 




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