How Binge Watching Affects Sleep

How Binge Watching Affects Sleep

Posted by Stephanie on 29th Jan 2020

We’ve all been there. Finding a worthy show to watch, and then watching, watching, and watching some more is easy to do. Many find this to be a favored way to relax in the evening before turning off the tv and getting some shut-eye.

This practice may seem harmless, but did you know that watching more than two hours of TV on a daily basis is linked to several common sleep problems? It’s true. Common side effects from binge watching are:

  • trouble falling asleep
  • waking during the night
  • waking early and being unable to fall back to sleep
  • If you are having any of the above issues with sleep, and are watching excessive hours of television a night, cutting back on your viewing may be the answer. However, there are other common reasons why you may be having this issue, including an outdated mattress and/or pillow that isn’t providing the comfort you need for quality sleep.

    An outdated spring mattress will not provide the support you need to wake feeling rested. Whereas a memory foam mattress is usually denser than other mattresses, making it both more supportive and heavier. This dense foam of a memory foam mattress cradles you head-to-toe and provides total body support.

    The Elegance memory foam mattress is made with thoroughly tested memory foam helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain, which frequently keep you awake and unrested. Plus, the Elegance’s 2 layers of air-infused memory foam on top of a layer of gel-pro memory foam will help you maintain a supportive, temperature-neutral sleep experience.

    Additionally, your pillow’s overall performance also suffers with daily use and can become outdated even faster than a mattress. The support you once had when your pillow was new may be long gone and you haven’t realized it.

    Perfect Cloud’s Double Airflow memory foam pillow is not too firm and not too soft. This pillow gives you just the right amount of support which helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain. This results in comfortable all-night sleep that will help you wake up feeling rested. Another benefit is that this pillow is made with ventilated visco foam and mesh trim. This provides continuous airflow which guarantees you a cooler and more refreshing night’s sleep. This features may lead to less buildup on your pillow from all the unpleasant bodily side effects that can occur during sleep.

    Turning off the boob tube earlier could be your answer to getting the sleep you need. However, changing out your current mattress and pillow to a memory foam option could also encourage quality rest as it’s helpful in terms of relieving the pain on pressure spots. If you are not sleeping as well as you’d like, implementing these changes could make a difference.

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