Is COVID-19 Interrupting Your Sleep Pattern

Is COVID-19 Interrupting Your Sleep Pattern

Posted by Stephanie on 30th Apr 2020

COVID-19 has brought nearly everyone into unfamiliar territory. Entire countries are on lockdown, the economy has nearly come to a stop, and many are afraid of the future for themselves, and their loved ones.

With such unprecedented changes coming on so quickly, it’s understandable that the importance of sleep is flying under the radar. But as we all adjust to stay-at-home orders and try to remain healthy in a time of COVID-19, focusing on sleeping well offers tremendous benefits.

Sleep is critical to physical health and for effective functioning of the immune system. It’s also a key promoter of emotional wellness and mental health, helping to beat back stress, depression, and anxiety.

Making sure you and your loved ones have proper and comfortable sleeping accommodations is the best way to pave the way for quality sleep. One way to make sure you are not slighting your natural sleep pattern is by having a mattress that you look forward to sleeping in.

The Elegance mattress provides a ultimate experience for satisfying sleep. It’s thoroughly tested memory foam helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain, which frequently keeps you awake and unrested while the cooling gel helps you fall asleep and stay temperature-neutral throughout the night.

Many people that work outside of the home have seen their sleep clocks go out-of-whack due to not having a job to go to due COVID-19. Because they no longer have to wake with an alarm, many are choosing to sleep in, and sleep longer than normal:

  • People are spending every waking moment getting one last look at their screens (news updates, COVID-19 education, social connections). The blue light from these screens tells the brain to stop producing melatonin (our sleep hormone), which can lead to trouble falling asleep.
  • Loss of daytime structure can upset nighttime sleep schedules. Inconsistent bedtimes and wake times can shift the pressure — or urge — to sleep, making ability to fall asleep less predictable.

With the usual structure of the day now gone, many are sleeping during hours they would never consider before. If you have succumbed to altering your hours of sleep, consider getting back-on-track with Perfect Cloud’s Wedge pillow.

Memory foam wedge pillows are used to create a slight elevation to ensure you get the full rest you need. It’s also a great way to more easily relax upright while reading a book, or watching T.V. before falling into a deep slumber. Relaxing at an incline at your normal bed time may remind your body that it is time to sleep so you can fall into a deep slumber faster.

We all want to stay healthy during this outbreak, and getting proper rest will help you remain illness-free. In other words, your quality of sleep plays a direct role in your body’s ability to keep you safe from the novel coronavirus.

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