Talking in Your Sleep and Ways to Stop

Talking in Your Sleep and Ways to Stop

Posted by Stephanie on 17th Mar 2020

There is a song from the 80s by The Romantics all about it...talking in your sleep, and revealing secrets one would never utter while awake. Many people do it at one time or another, but what if this is a habitual sleep habit? It seems to be something that we have little control over.

If we had full control over ourselves while we slept, we would multi-task in our slumber. Unfortunately, once we doze off we lose the ability to do anything other than sleep. Once sleep takes over, we have little control over what we may do or say while zonked out. Sleep talking is a sleep disorder that can occur during any stage of sleep. The NSF states “sleep talking can involve complicated dialogues or monologues, complete gibberish or mumbling.” Sleep talkers are usually unaware of their behavior until someone tells them. 

So, what does it mean if you talk in your sleep? Most of the time it’s due to either something causing sleep deprivation or there already is a high level of sleep deprivation. A leading cause of sleep deprivation is sleeping with an old and shapeless pillow.

We become attached to our pillows, and often keep them far longer than we should. Frequently, our pillows are kept well after they have lost the support needed for good rest. Perfect Cloud’s Double Airflow memory foam pillow has just the right amount of support and helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain. This support provides comfortable all-night sleep that will help you wake up feeling rested, and with fewer spoken words throughout the night.

Another way to combat talking in your sleep due to deprivation is to evaluate if your current mattress is the reason behind your nightly chatter. Make your bed as comfortable as possible. Change the mattress if it's worn out or if it leaves you feeling sore in the morning.

If your current bed is not as comfortable as it used to be, it may be time to think about a way to upgrade your mattress. A memory foam topper can breathe additional life into a mattress that is starting to fail with providing proper support for sleep.

Perfect Cloud’s Gel-Infused mattress topper utilizes Gel-Infused technology to ensure that you sleep comfortably throughout the night without waking from overheating. This topper is insanely comfortable, and will keep you sleeping cool and cozy.

If your entire mattress needs to be replaced, the Ultraplush memory foam mattress has a cooling 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer sandwiched in between a 1.5-inch top layer of air-infused memory foam, and 6.5-inch bottom layer of HD Base Support Foam. These layers form a luxurious 10-inch mattress that provides the best possible sleeping experience. The Ultraplush also helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain, which frequently keeps you awake and unrested. The cooling gel helps you fall asleep and stay temperature-neutral throughout the night.

If you fear that you are letting more slip out than ZZZZs while you sleep, make sure you are getting enough rest to avoid sleep deprivation. Ensuring you have the comfortable basics of a bed and pillow is the first step.

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