What Makes Gel Foam Effective In Mattress

What Makes Gel Foam Effective In Mattress

Posted by Stephanie on 26th Oct 2020

Memory foam mattresses are gaining more and more popularity as the bed in a box market explodes. You will have seen a lot of mattresses featuring gel memory foam, and really marketing its benefits. So what is gel memory foam, what does it do, and is it any good?

Gel memory foam actually is a lot like what it sounds to be. Traditional memory has been infused with cooling gel to provide a more temperature-neutral sleeping experience. Because a traditional memory foam mattress molds to the shape of your body, some sleepers feel like they are stuck in a permanent rut on the bed while sleeping. A gel memory foam mattress springs back quicker after you apply pressure. That also means that when you are sleeping it conforms to your body faster.

The UltraPlush mattress pampers you with a cooling 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer sandwiched in between a 1.5-inch top layer of air-infused memory foam, and 6.5-inch bottom layer of HD Base Support Foam. These layers form a luxurious 10-inch mattress that provides the best possible sleeping experience.

If you are not in the market for a new mattress, consider mattress topper that utilizes Gelcare technology. The Gel-Infused topper ensures that you sleep comfortably throughout the night without waking from overheating. Didn’t think there was a way to be temperature-controlled while you sleep? Think again, because there is! This topper will be a welcome, and insanely comfortable, addition to any bed to keep you sleeping cool and cozy.

Feel like you need even more cooling? The GelBasics memory foam pillow allows you to experience a temperature-neutral sleep. Our proprietary blend of viscoelastic memory foam and cooling gel technology offers you soothing support all night long.

There are also a few sleeping tricks you can implement to stay cool while you sleep. Here are some tips to make your sleep space cooler:

  • Sleep with the thermostat set between 60-67. (Fair warning, this can get pricey in the summertime or if you live somewhere hot).
  • Use breathable bedding like cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester. These are more tightly woven and trap heat.
  • Wear breathable clothing to sleep. Pajamas made from Bamboo naturally cool the skin and are 100% biodegradable. Or if natural is your thing, don’t wear anything at all. We won’t judge.
  • Take a hot bath an hour or so before bed. Yes, this will raise your body temperature initially, but remember that part where you have to get out of the tub? That is when your body cools down which gets you ready for bed.

Gel foam, and changing up your sleeping habits, will certainly keep you cooler throughout the night so you can get the uninterrupted shuteye you crave. It’s simply a matter of determining which route you want to go.

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