What Makes Gel Foam So Effective?

What Makes Gel Foam So Effective?

Posted by Stephanie on 1st Aug 2019

Scientists and engineers are constantly working to innovate new materials and new products designed to facilitate better sleep. Sleep is vital for your overall physical and mental health, and is responsible for your subjective feelings of wellness, so it makes sense that innovators would be trying to constantly find new ways to improve sleep patterns.

One of the latest innovations in the mattress industry is gel foam, a futuristic material that’s included in many different sleep-related products to improve your sleep. But how exactly does this material work, and is it really better than other types of foam?

The Basics of Gel Foam

Let’s start with some of the basics of gel foam. Gel foam is a type of substance that emerged in the early 2010s as a supportive bedding material. Its primary structure is made of polyurethane, but it also includes several other compounds. This makes it similar to memory foam, but with one key difference; it’s infused with a type of gel that gives it a few additional comforting properties.

  • Support. First, thanks to the structure of gel foam, gel foam mattresses and toppers tend to offer more support than other traditional materials. Gel foam is designed to be compressed under pressure, which means you get the feeling of a soft, delicate mattress, but it also has a layered, stiff structure that gives you all the benefits of a firm mattress as well. It’s the best of both worlds, and most people find it extremely comfortable.
  • Temperature control. One of the key differentiators of gel foam is its temperature-neutral gel infusion. This technology makes it easier for the mattress or topper to distribute your body temperature quickly and easily, resulting in subjectively cooler conditions.
  • Longevity. High-quality gel foam is made with durability in mind. While every piece of bedding necessarily has a finite lifespan, gel foam should be far more durable than traditional springs and other types of mattresses.

Gel Foam vs. Memory Foam

How does gel foam differ from memory foam? The underlying structure and function are more or less the same. They’re made from most of the same materials, and offer the same unique blend of softness and firmness. However, gel foam is designed to be infused with a revolutionary new gel material, which makes it better able to distribute and balance temperatures.

Types of Gel Foam

There are several different sub-types of gel foam available, and it can be used in a wide variety of different products. Gel foam is manufactured by many different companies, and their production standards may vary; for example, some companies may invest heavily in ensuring their product is as comfortable and durable as possible, while others may try to make products as cheaply as possible.

Gel foam can be used in a variety of different sleep-related products, including:

  • Mattresses. Gel foam mattresses integrate gel foam into memory foam mattresses, giving you a more temperature-neutral sleeping experience. These are ideal if your current mattress is ready to be replaced.
  • Mattress toppers. If your current mattress is in decent shape, but is starting to show signs of age, or if you’re interested in a better temperature experience, you can get a gel foam mattress topper instead. These are often made the same way as a gel foam mattress, but are only a few inches thick, so they can be layered on top of your existing mattress.
  • Pillows. If you’re like many sleepers, your head is the most sensitive body part to temperature changes, and your ears and face get warm easily throughout the night. That’s why gel foam pillows exist; they disperse your body temperature around your face, giving you a comfortable, supportive, and most importantly, cool sleeping experience.

Should You Invest in Gel Foam?

Is it a good idea for you to invest in a new gel foam product? There are several things for you to consider here, including:

  • Your mattress condition. First, think about the condition of your current mattress. If your mattress is several years old, or if it’s noticeably worn, it’s probably a good idea to get it replaced. Old mattresses aren’t as supportive or consistent, and may be unhygienic, so if you’re going to replace your mattress anyway, consider replacing it with a gel foam mattress. If your mattress is only a few years old, or if it’s brand new, but you’re still interested in gel foam, you can turn your attention to other products, like pillows and mattress toppers.
  • Your pillow condition. Like mattresses, pillows have a limited lifespan. Over time, your pillows are going to flatten, become inconsistent, and get dirty (even with high-quality pillow cases). If you currently wake up with head, neck, or back pain, or if you have trouble getting to sleep, your old pillow could be the culprit. Making an investment in a gel foam pillow could be exactly what you need to sleep better.
  • Your sensitivity to temperature. Next, think about your personal sensitivity to temperature when you sleep. Most people prefer cooler sleeping conditions in general, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer in cooler temperatures. If you’re the type of person who gets restless when you feel warm during the night, or if you live in an area with high temperatures in general, it’s a good idea to invest in some gel foam technology.
  • Your budget. Gel foam isn’t significantly more expensive than memory foam, but if you want a high-quality sleeping experience, you’ll need to invest some money. Consider your budget before you proceed with a new purchase; if money is a limiting factor, you could opt for a topper instead of a new mattress.

If you’re interested in learning more about gel foam products, you can explore Perfect Cloud for more ideas and information. Take a look at our gel foam pillows or gel fusion mattress toppers, and shop around for the options that can work best for you. After a few nights with new gel infused foam, you may find yourself wondering how you ever slept with inferior materials. 

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