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How Your Bed Makes Your Allergy Worse

Posted by Jamie on 6th Mar 2020

Seasonal allergies can make it hard to sleep, whether you can’t stop sneezing or are suffering from itchy eyes and congestion. Once you’ve got your seasonal symptoms under control, though, what does i
Feeling sleepy after a good night's sleep?

Posted by Andi on 12th Nov 2019

Have you ever slept for twelve hours and felt completely exhausted after waking up, as if you never slept at all? If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 70 million people are affected b
What Makes Gel Foam So Effective for Pets

Posted by Stephanie on 1st Aug 2019

Scientists and engineers are constantly working to innovate new materials and new products designed to facilitate better sleep. Sleep is vital for your overall physical and mental health, and is res
5 Ways To Make Your Existing Mattress More Supportive

Posted by Brenton on 22nd Jul 2019

How long have you been sleeping on your current mattress? Are you getting a good night’s sleep or barely getting out of bed in the morning? If your mattress is old, you’re probably not getting the s
The Truth About Memory Foam vs. Latex Foam

Posted by Andi on 16th Jul 2019

You’ve probably heard that foam mattresses are better than inner spring mattresses, but did you know there are different types of foam? You can’t just walk into a mattress store and ask to see the b
Here's How Your Old Mattress is Impacting Your Health

Posted by Brenton on 20th Feb 2019

Your mattress probably isn’t something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about during the day, but it could be impacting your health in very significant ways. And by making a simple switch fro
Few Americans get the recommended quality or quantity of sleep every night. There are dozens of factors that play into your ability to sleep, including your current levels of stress, the noisiness a
By now, you likely realize how important your mattress is for a consistent, good night’s sleep. If your mattress is old or if it doesn’t support you properly, you could suffer ongoing head, neck, ba
Over time, all mattresses eventually deteriorate. The constant pressure of sleeping bodies will wear the mattress down, resulting in lumps or inconsistent firmness, and even if you keep up good clea

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