Why Mattress Thickness Matters

Why Mattress Thickness Matters

Posted by Andi on 4th Jan 2018

With such an enormous variety of mattresses available today it can often be nearly impossible to know which one is going to offer the best sleeping experience. One important thing to remember is that there may be many options that are going to provide you with an optimal sleeping experience. So instead, we suggest you focus on narrowing your choices down to the select few that are going to give you great rest, and then you can make your decision based on any factor you'd like.

One of the first factors you need to determine is how thick your mattress should be. Thickness can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep and durability of your mattress so getting those options out of the way first can mean you're on your way to sleep heaven. So, let's pose the question:

"How Thick Should My Mattress Be?"

G E N E R A L  H E A L T H 

If you are already suffering from soreness when you wake up, pain when you go down, or even worse pain throughout the day then you need to seriously consider mattress thickness in your next purchase. This is especially important if you are looking at memory foam mattresses as your next attempt at a good night's sleep. Memory foam mattresses are composed of various layers of memory foam. These layers vary in density thus providing a sleeping experience that is both plush and supportive. Do your research, read up on the layers, and pick one that has plenty of support. A general rule of thumb is that thicker memory foam mattresses are softer.

W E I G H T  

Your weight also has a huge impact on the sleep that you get throughout the night. The heavier you are the more you are going to sink in. This also means you are going to be pushing against the upward force of springs in a traditional mattress which can aggravate your already aching back. The last thing you want is a mattress that you bottom out because that means there isn't anymore give and your heaviest parts are pressing on a hard surface all night long. Choose something thicker where you can utilize every inch possible. 


In the end, it's your choice which mattress you buy, and you will most likely be living with this decision for years to come. So, do your research, know what's actually in your mattress, and get sleeping better.

With all of these decisions, one important thing to remember is softness is all subjective. My wife, for example, has always found our mattresses to be too hard. I, on the other hand, almost always find mattresses to be soft. That's due to the 100-pound difference in our weight. My suggestion is that if you are going to be sleeping with a significant other choose something they will like as well.

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