Why Sleeping in a Hotel is Often Difficult

Why Sleeping in a Hotel is Often Difficult

Posted by Stephanie on 13th Mar 2020

After a long day of travel, endless meetings, or dealing with fussy kids on a trip, everyone is exhausted. We have all been there, and we all look forward to getting much needed rest at a hotel.

Considering how tired we are, it makes sense that we would fall asleep instantly, but many people find sleep to be allusive in their hotel bed. How can this be? Well, there actually is a medical explanation. Sleep researchers have long known about “first-night effect,” and consider it a temporary sleep disorder. Even if the room is the right temperature and the bed is comfortable, sleepers often report waking up groggy and less rested than they would at home.

This condition is more often than not a temporary predicament, and the second night’s sleep usually turns out a lot better. Once your body adjusts to sleeping in a new space, sleep generally comes quickly. One of the reasons is often a hotel bed implements memory foam, which is super comfy.

Did you know that you can achieve the same level of comfort in your own home? It’s true, and it won’t break the bank either. Adding a memory foam topper to your existing mattress is the quickest, and most economical way, to upgrade your bed to the level of what was experienced at a hotel.

Perfect Cloud’s Gel Fusion memory foam topper provides two thick inches of gel-infused goodness. The thoroughly tested memory foam helps eliminate nervous tension caused from common head, neck, and shoulder pain, which frequently keeps you awake and unrested. Additionally, this topper helps keep your body temperature neutral so that there is no waking from overheating.

Another way to get the relaxing benefits of a hotel bed is to add a variety of pillows to aid in sleep. Adding two to four pillows—and even a few additional decorative ones—will make your bed look and feel like one at a five-star hotel. Much like the addition of a memory foam topper, adding memory foam pillows may enhance your sleeping experience.

The Dual Option memory foam pillow is a top seller due to the exceptional sleeping experience of users. This pillow is infused with cooling gel to keep your head from getting too hot and waking you up. This soothing gel works with ventilated memory foam to provide a cool and refreshing sleeping experience so you stay comfortable, and more importantly, asleep. You can eliminate waking during the night from being unpleasantly warm, and cooling gel is the answer.

It is possible to incorporate the sleeping luxuries that are found in hotels, and memory foam is the solution. Hotels use memory foam for a reason.Memory foam options have less spring and offer more pressure relief. So, if you’ve slept well in a hotel bed, bring that sleep into your own home.






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