5 Game-Changing facts About Hybrid Mattresses

5 Game-Changing facts About Hybrid Mattresses

Posted by Brenton on 1st Feb 2018

Hybrid mattresses are pretty new to the game. For years customers only had one option, spring mattresses came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and models. Then, in 1992 Tempur-Pedic launched the first memory foam mattress. Over the years memory foam has gained a reputation for its hefty price tag and retaining heat. However, with the advent of new technology, the mattresses have stayed cooler and the prices have dropped. It all seemed like we were perfecting the ideal mattress, and getting dang close too, until the Hybrid mattress came into existence. Blending the best of pocket-coil spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses you get one mattress that is truly a game changer.

 Here are 5 Game-Changing Facts About Hybrid Mattresses

  • Total Body Support - Hybrid mattresses offer exceptional support when compared to all-foam mattresses -- although that's not to say memory foam mattresses don't offer great support. Because your soft-to-the-touch memory foam is supported by springs instead of denser memory foam you won't suffer from more sagging the longer you lay in it. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find your traditional spring mattress which offers all support and no contouring.
  • Motion Isolation - Imagine laying on a spring mattress. Now imagine someone getting on and moving around while you're laying. You're probably not drifting off to sleep in this scenario. With a Hybrid mattress, you can get the support you want but without all the motion transfer. This is because a good hybrid 
    mattress utilizes pocket-coil springs which move independently of each other. This allows for spring support without the springiness.
  • No Noise - Have you ever been woken up or annoyed by the squeaking of a spring mattress? It's safe to say that won't happen with a Hybrid mattress because every spring is isolated and individually wrapped in a fabric casing. This prevents rubbing medal on medal and in so doing removes any squeaking.
  • Heavy Person Friendly - Memory foam mattresses have heard complaints over the years because heavier people tend to sink further in and that can make it much harder to roll, get out, and even sleep comfortably. Hybrid mattresses provide more support, and therefore reduce sinking. This makes them particularly good for heavier people to sleep on.
  • Good for Sex - Due to the unique construction of a Hybrid mattress you get the soft, luxurious comfort of a memory foam mattress, but with some bounce. bounce combined with the conforming nature of the top memory foam create an ideal environment for intimate time with that special someone


Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? While there is no one mattress built for everyone, some definitely come closer to hitting that sweet spot than others. Combining the best of both worlds you might just findthat you are able to sleep deeper, longer, and wake up more rested than ever. 

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