Who Should Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Who Should Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Posted by Andi on 1st Apr 2019

These days, it seems as if everyone is tossing out their old coil spring mattresses and trading up to a memory foam alternative. For many, this is a great decision. But for others, there are actually certain aspects of coil mattresses that are appealing.

Thankfully, there’s an option to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spring Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

For decades, spring mattresses were the standard. Made from springs or coils that are embedded inside a layered cushion, spring mattresses tend to be durable, cool, and bouncy. There are two major types of spring mattresses: innerspring and pocketed coil spring.

Innerspring mattresses have a box of springs that are arranged in a mesh orientation. All springs are connected via metal strands, which increases the durability and movement of the mattress. Pocketed coil spring mattresses, on the other hand, feature individualized coils that are each enclosed in cloth and separated from the others. This allows for more freedom of movement and superior body contouring.

Then you have memory foam mattresses, which are made from synthetic materials and feature layers of foam that are specially designed to contour to the body. Memory foam mattresses are known for shaping to the sleeper’s body, providing excellent support (without pressure points), and isolating motion (which is perfect for couples that sleep in the same bed).

Both spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses have their benefits. However, they each have their negatives and/or limitations as well. Thus, many people have trouble zeroing in on the type of mattress they want. This slows down the shopping process, creates confusion, and often leads to buyer’s remorse down the road.

But what if you don’t have to choose either a spring mattress or a memory foam mattress? What if there was a perfect comprise that blends the benefits of both, while eliminating the negatives? Well…there is!

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a combination of a traditional spring mattress and a memory foam mattress. While a number of companies make hybrid mattresses – and each has a proprietary manufacturing and design method – they’re essentially mattresses that feature pocketed innersprings topped with multiple layers of memory foam to provide a comfortable sleep experience that’s conducive to healthy, restorative sleep.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, not so fast. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking you’re purchasing a hybrid mattress, when you’re actually just buying a coil mattress. The reason is that every innerspring mattress comes with a thick padding of “comfort layers” on top. So what initially appears to be a hybrid mattress may simply be a glorified spring mattress.

In order for a mattress to be considered “hybrid,” it needs to feature a top layer of “memory foam.” This memory foam should be a few inches thick. The top layer should be flat with no indentions. When compared side-by-side to a traditional mattress, you’ll also notice that most hybrid mattresses have a lower profile.

4 Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

The idea of a hybrid mattress sounds good in theory, but what are the actual benefits? In other words, why should you spend the money to invest in this type of mattress over the coil and memory foam mattresses that populate the marketplace? Well, here are a few specific reasons why:

  1. Motion Isolation. If you like the way a spring mattress feels in terms of support and cradling, but don’t enjoy the way your movements impact your sleeping partner, a hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds.

    Hybrid mattresses offer exceptional motion isolation, which means there’s very little motion transfer from one side of the bed of the bed to the other. (You’ve probably seen one of those commercials where a wine glass is placed on one side of the mattress and a person walks across the other side with no movement. A hybrid mattress makes this possible, despite the fact that there are still springs in the core of the mattress.)

  2. Support. Another benefit of hybrid mattresses is that they offer excellent support – particularly for side sleepers who are prone to pressure points. While a memory foam mattress is always going to be better in this regard, a hybrid mattress gives the feel of a spring mattress with the comfort of a memory foam version. 
  3. Airflow.  The biggest complaint against memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. This is a result of the foam, which retains heat and has no way of efficiently dispersing it. Coil mattresses, on the other hand, are much better equipped to disperse body heat.

    Though a hybrid mattress isn’t as cool as a true coil mattress, it’s exceptionally more comfortable than a memory foam mattress. This makes it perfect for someone who likes the feel of memory foam, but prefers a cooler sleep experience.

  4. Durability.  The construction of a pocketed coil mattress covered in sustainable memory foam leads to a more durable mattress that will last 10 years or more. In some cases, hybrid mattresses are expected to hold up for 15 to 20 years. This makes it a solid investment for the future. 

The Perfect Cloud Hybrid Mattress

As is the case with spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, every hybrid mattress is unique. When shopping for a hybrid mattress, take some time to determine your specific needs so that you can be an educated and efficient consumer.

In addition to other factors, you need to consider the amount of support you want (soft vs. firm), the responsiveness of the memory foam (slow vs. fast), contouring (how much do you want to sink?), pressure point relief, breathability and cooling, and your preferred sleeping orientation (side, back, or stomach).

Admittedly, there’s no single mattress that’s right for everyone. However, our Perfect Cloud Hybrid Mattress is about as close as you can get. Not only is our mattress incredibly comfortable (no pressure points!) and cool, but it’s also firm enough to support your back and neck so that you can spend more time sleeping and less time tossing.

Purchase today and enjoy free shipping and returns, a 10-year warranty, and a 120-day sleep trial!

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