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Vital of Head & Neck Comfort Good Sleep

Posted by Stephanie on 29th Sep 2020

Waking up feeling unrested is a real pain in the neck...literally. Pain in the head and neck is no joke. As with so many things, when it comes to neck pain, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound
7 Easy Remedies to Stop Snoring

Posted by Brenton on 7th May 2020

If you are a snorer, you’re not alone. Apparently, half of all Americans snore, but the problem is a lot more pervasive in men. Snoring occurs as a result of vibration of relaxed tissues in the throat
​How Often Should You Wash Your Bedding

Posted by Stephanie on 23rd Apr 2020

If you pose the question to twenty people regarding how often they launder their linens, you may be surprised in their diversity of answers. Some fire up the washing machine once a week for the task.
How Wedge Pillow Can Aid Your Sleep

Posted by Stephanie on 13th Mar 2020

A wedge pillow may not be something most are familiar with. You likely won’t find them in most physical big box stores that sell pillows, and may only have seen them in a medical supply store.It is on
Importance of body comfort for good sleep

Posted by Andi on 25th Jun 2019

Your mattress is important for a good night’s sleep, but many people underestimate just how important the comfort of your head and neck can be. Without the right support and the right conditions for

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