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Getting a great night’s sleep is a science, and at the heart of the process is one key factor: temperature. If you’re too hot or too cold, you’re not going to sleep well, and intuitively most of us
Quality of Sleep: What it is and Why it Matters

Posted by Brenton on 2nd May 2019

For decades, we’ve been advised to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. And though this may be sound advice, it’s often stated like it’s the only metric that matters. But when you really di
Who Should Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

Posted by Andi on 1st Apr 2019

These days, it seems as if everyone is tossing out their old coil spring mattresses and trading up to a memory foam alternative. For many, this is a great decision. But for others, there are actual
Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their pillow. But in addition to your mattress, it’s one of the single most important factors in quality of sleep. If you’re simply using a pillo
Here's How Your Old Mattress is Impacting Your Health

Posted by Brenton on 20th Feb 2019

Your mattress probably isn’t something you spend a whole lot of time thinking about during the day, but it could be impacting your health in very significant ways. And by making a simple switch fro
Few Americans get the recommended quality or quantity of sleep every night. There are dozens of factors that play into your ability to sleep, including your current levels of stress, the noisiness a
By now, you likely realize how important your mattress is for a consistent, good night’s sleep. If your mattress is old or if it doesn’t support you properly, you could suffer ongoing head, neck, ba
Over time, all mattresses eventually deteriorate. The constant pressure of sleeping bodies will wear the mattress down, resulting in lumps or inconsistent firmness, and even if you keep up good clea
How Is Your Pillow Affecting Your Health?

Posted by Andi on 1st Nov 2018

When you sleep on a bad mattress, the signs may be obvious. You might notice a worn groove in the bed, or if you’re still sleeping on box springs, you might feel something poking your back. But your

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