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Pajamas or Sleeping in the Buff?

Posted by Stephanie on 15th Jan 2020

There is no right way to dress, or not dress, for sleep. However, if you tend to wake from overheating, and aren’t sleeping au naturel, it may be time for a change.To sleep naked, or not to sleep nake
Pros of Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Posted by Stephanie on 12th Dec 2019

You’ve likely seen gel memory foam mattress topper options online or at a store, but have never considered one for yourself as your current mattress is comfortable. What you don’t know is that you and
When Is It Time to Replace Your Pillow?

Posted by Stephanie on 5th Dec 2019

So, how often should you be ditching your pillow in favor of a new one? The answer may surprise you to the point of disbelief. The answer is every 18-36 months. Yes, you read that correctly. After a y
Feeling sleepy after a good night's sleep?

Posted by Andi on 12th Nov 2019

Have you ever slept for twelve hours and felt completely exhausted after waking up, as if you never slept at all? If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 70 million people are affected b
The things you can do for Overheating

Posted by Stephanie on 9th Oct 2019

You still have some time before your alarm goes off, are tired, and desperately want more shut-eye. However, for reasons unknown, getting back to sleep eludes you due to waking up hot and sweaty.This
What's The Best Sleeping Position On Bed

Posted by Brenton on 18th Sep 2019

Everyone has a different preferred sleeping position, and even among couples sharing a bed – and therefore sharing the same type of mattress – sleep positions can vary. While sleep positions may vary
5 Tips to Get Your Kids Sleep Properly

Posted by Jamie on 9th Aug 2019

When summertime comes to a close and the new school year arrives, parents and kids alike are required to make a pretty significant shift. And if you aren’t prepared for it, the transition can be to
What Makes Gel Foam So Effective for Pets

Posted by Stephanie on 1st Aug 2019

Scientists and engineers are constantly working to innovate new materials and new products designed to facilitate better sleep. Sleep is vital for your overall physical and mental health, and is res
Hybrid Mattresses vs. Traditional Mattresses

Posted by Andi on 30th Jul 2019

Memory foam has long been in development as a revolutionary new sleeping material, and after its third generation of improvement in the mid-2000s, it became the new standard for mattresses, replacin

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